Hardcore Community Builders

As an ARTivist I am inspired to share inspirational stories. I created this village for community builders as a support center. What can we do to help, uplift and motivate each other? If we move together, we grow together. Check out the narrative of Titus Augustine Omaojo of Kogi State, Nigeria. I am working with Titus to raise funds for a young student by the name of Angela Eleojo Austin. She is a student of Holy Ghost College Okura Saw-Mill and is in need of $1000 to finish school. Feel free to check out Titus story and go to the SuSu Connection right here to contribute. https://theculturerockgriot.wordpress.com/2020/09/02/blog-community-builder-fund/

Titus Augustine Omaojo

Samantha Hollins: What is the sole mission of your organization? 

Titus Augustine Omaojo: Students for Liberty is an international libertarian non-profit organization whose stated mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next Leaders in Africa.

Samantha Hollins: What role do you conduct? 

Titus Augustine Omaojo: A Local Coordinator of Africa Students for Liberty (ASFL). 

Samantha Hollins: Tell me a little about your background? Where were you born and how a program like this could benefit the children of your environment? 

Titus Augustine Omaojo: I am a graduate of Kogi State University (Anyigba, Kogi State Nigeria), Second Class Upper Division  from Sociology Department. Having grown from a poor family and suffered injustice, my passion is to help build a humane society where every child’s destiny will be determined by his or her competency. 

Samantha Hollins: How does your job reflect the outcome of the youth in furthering their chosen career path?

Titus Augustine Omaojo: Africa as a continent has overtime endured bad leadership. This has vast consequences on the development of the continent at large. With the right leadership and a freer society, Africa will achieve her full potential. An African society where a Son of Nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody. I have dedicated my knowledge and skills to fight for the liberty of all in Africa.

Samantha Hollins: What can everyday people do to assist in these current times of financial uncertainty? 

Titus Augustine Omaojo: Your small financial contribution would help me to actualize this dream of a freer African society.

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