Culture Rock Song Of The Week:

Under The Gaze Of Eternity By Powerslide

Nairobi, Kenya’s award winning Punk Rock unit Powerslide unveiled their new song entitled “Under The Gaze Of Eternity” (October 18, 2020). This first single from their forthcoming album is indulging in an Indie Rock sound. The nostalgic vibe enters a zone of a free spirited affirmation. It pervades an atmosphere of tranquility as the melodic chords glides in. The collision of a heavy bass line into a pulsating drum haven makes it a dance for the hardcore. Waves of liberation overflows as the guitars layer a splash of head banging gestures. The solacing voice of empowering lyrics unify Generation Now.

Under The Gaze Of Eternity is a timeless song that could easily shift through multiple eras of Rock. I found myself raising my Rock’n’Roll fingers and singing along with Under The Gaze Of Eternity, as if I were front row center. 

Go here to experience and purchase Powerslide’s new single “Under The Gaze Of Eternity”.

Written by: Willy Ojiro and Timothy ‘Qreed’ Wafula

Vocals: Willy Ojiro, Maggie Nekesa

Guitar, Bass and programming: Willy Ojiro

Produced by: Willy Ojiro

Mixed by: Willy Ojiro and Wilson Muia

Mastered by: Wilson Muia

Powerslide Unit: 

Vocals/Guitar- Willy Ojiro

Drums- Timothy Qreed Wafula

Bass- George Zuko 





Powerslide Discography:

The Young Rockers Enjoying Powerslide: “Under The Gaze Of Eternity”

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