Special Edition: Hallow-Themes Of Rock-Horror Scenes

Issielle “ICE” Johnson: We Kill At Dawn 

We Kill At Dawn descends on its prey ready; to execute a massive attack. Issielle “ICE” Johnson’s flawless momentum triggers the fret board like a symphonic Metal horizon. She slays every moment with precision and empowerment. This San Francisco, CA native’s story behind this song is distinctly intriguing. 

Name of Album/EP: Solitary

Genre: Metal

Composer: Issielle “ICE” Johnson 

Producer: Ice/Kris Xenopoulos

Musicians: Guitars- Ice Drums & Bass- Kris

Date released: September 20th, 2020

Samantha Hollins: In one word what are the sinister emotions around your chord progression? 

ICE: Environment

Samantha Hollins: This song unapologetically rocks to the core. What are the scars that spawned the story behind We Kill At Dawn

ICE: The LIFE of a snow leopard.

Samantha Hollins: You play intricate things with such ease. How does that translate into the heavy weapon you unleashed on We Kill At Dawn

ICE: It’s all in the mind. I envisioned myself as a snow leopard; living an isolated yet dangerous life. You’re at risk everyday to feed your family and to survive. One slip, you’ll end up injured or dead. So I pictured myself jumping from rock to rock on high altitudes; unexpected enemies or prey. 

Samantha Hollins: How does the whole album connect to this song?  

ICE: Solitary is a statement of power and dominance yet being invisible but your presence is felt. We Kill At Dawn is that presence being felt. 

You can check out and purchase this song on these platforms. Also Ice has a very lively YouTube Channel. Join her there for skilled guitar tips and more.

Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Napster, Amazon music (most music streaming sites)

Website/Social Media Links: http://www.instagram.com/colorice09




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