Laidback Mike Photography: Remembering A Visual Culture Keeper

Laidback Mike Photography

The iris of Mike Brodie’s creativity zoomed in on the culture of Black Rock Artists with a nostalgic eye. His camera framed multitudes of Rock-Star memories that will forever be engraved in his DMV area. It wasn’t about the financial gain or popularity. His passion to preserve the underground scene with his photography is the wealth of his documented legacy. He had hopes of elevating unsung and unheard Rockers of African descent. 

Laidback Mike Photography captured this photo at my show at the Natural Hair Care Expo in Maryland in 2013

I remember when I had a show in Baltimore, MD for the Natural Hair Care Expo. Mike sent me a DM to let me know he would be there. I asked him to meet up with me so I could get him in with my band. He declined my offer because he wanted to support by paying his way in. Mike was there way before my band setting up front and center. He had a way of sculpturing angles of the atmosphere before showtime. He would glide almost unnoticeably capturing majestic history in the making. 

Laidback Mike Photography

Whenever Laidback Mike posted that he was going to a concert, I knew the end result would be a sprinkle of photographic magic uplifting our timeline. Mike was a pixel storyteller who painted with light and the soul’s true expressions.

Who would have thought a Facebook friend would evolve into a real life friend exchanging creative energy. Mike was always cheering for the DMV music community loud and proud. That eventually filtered beyond his hometown and pervaded across state-lines and boarder lines. When I wrote for a Rock/Metal publication called Unhinged-music in 2015-2017 he read every single article. Mike was a prominent advocate for me creating The Culture Rock Griot

Laidback Mike Photography

Laidback Mike’s humble, visual-griot stance silently uplifted bands that he considered great and iconic. It blew my mind when he reached out to sponsor my Culture Rock Tour in 2019 (that traveled to Botswana and London). He stayed adorned in band merchandise that he would order or get from the show. Him having the physical CD in the palm of his hands was a golden experience. 

Laidback Mike Photography

I honor my brother-friend and one of my biggest supporters Mike Brodie on his birthday November 19 2020. When his Aunt reached out to my husband/drummer Ronin Ali and I to let us know he passed away April 2020 (not Covid), the potent sting of such a heavy loss formed from the strong impression he left on us. Announcing his transition to the world showed how massive the lens of his soul expanded over space and time. Even though he is no longer here in the flesh, the spirit of his brilliant portraits are eternally engraved upon the culture of Rock. 

Legends are not always famous in the eyes of the mainstream. Many are icons masquerading as modest local heroes. They shift energy with divine purpose unknowingly making the world brighter, like brother Laidback Mike Photography

Eclectic Soul Media Photo of Mike Brodie in his Youth

Check out Laidback Mike Photography featuring underground bands from the DMV area, touring bands and legendary bands (Fishbone, Living Colour, Malina Moye, Eric Gales, Honeychild Coleman, A Band Called Death, Etc.) right here:

Laidback Mike Photography

Job well done ancestor Mike Brodie/Laidback Mike R.I.P.

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